Investment Philosophy

Website: Investment Date: May 2011

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At ACP we believe that there is a need for more patient private equity, in particular in the lower middle market, as many investment firms are encumbered by pre-defined exit pressures and portfolio driven decision making, often for fund raising purposes, which may not be advantageous for optimizing long-term capital gains at the respective portfolio companies. Because we are investing our own capital and forming capital on a portfolio company basis, we are not subject to the exit pressures common in a typical investment firm’s cycle of fund expiration and fund raising.

We believe in building smaller middle market companies by working with management to continually identify and resolve barriers to growth and enhanced profitability, and that this process requires much more than just capital. Collectively the Principals and Advisors of ACP have a long track record of partnering with owners and operators of middle market companies, filling in the HR gaps, to build businesses into greater enterprises. In each instance, we’ve dramatically increased shareholder value through the development and execution of fiscally responsible growth strategies, both organic as well as through targeted acquisitions, and through the continual identification and realization of operational efficiencies.

It is ACP’s fundamental investment philosophy of more patient private equity coupled with value added investing that makes for a unique value proposition to growth oriented companies, their owners and management teams when selecting equity partners.