Investment Philosophy


It is our fundamental investment philosophy of more patient capital, together with buy and build investing, that makes for a reasoned value proposition to owners and management teams of growth-oriented companies when selecting equity partners.

We believe in building smaller middle market companies by partnering with management in the equity stack. In removing barriers to growth and enhanced profitability, action-by-action, to build the greater enterprise through realization of fiscally responsible growth strategies, both organic and from targeted acquisitions.

We believe there‚Äôs a need for more patient private equity, in particular in the lower middle market, as many investment firms are burdened with arbitrary exit strategies and fund driven decision making, which may not optimize long-term capital gains at the portfolio company level. As we are investing our own capital, and forming capital on a portfolio company basis, we’re not subject to the cycle of fund raise and expiration common to many investment firms.

While not limiting sector focus, we seek to make investments in specialty manufacturers of engineered components and related critical service providers within aerospace and defense, medical device, semiconductor and other industrial supply chain verticals sharing similar characteristics.